Anti Blue Light Lens Computer Glasses

Reflect and absorb harmful blue rays

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  • Blue Light Blocking: Reflect and absorb harmful blue ray,such as computer/ipad/tablet/iphone,prevent the visible detrimental high energy blue light and UV light 420, cut 39% blue light (blue light wavelength: 400nm-450nm), filter 100% of hazardous ultraviolet ray,including UVA/UVB
  • Reduce Eyestrain and Enjoy Better Sleep:no more eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache during your computer,ipad,tablet,iphone screen time. Better sleep for you, blue light blocker is there for your eyes and guardian for your exquisite life.
  • Transparent Lens:LifeArt blue light blocking glasses lens is made of transparent 1.60 index aspheric resin,has no impact the screen color.Notice:we never use acrylic lens,because the surface is not enough strong,it is easy to scratch and hard to clean.
  • Lens Magnification Choice: to those who have to wear nearsight&presbyopia glasses, LifeArt offers you the lenses of multi


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  • Model: XML4710-BLK
  • Weight 130.00 g


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